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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's been a while....

My goodness! It has sure been a while since I last logged onto my blog.  For some reason, lately I have been contemplating getting back into blogging. For some reason, tonight I had a urge. The urge to pick up the computer and start typing.  I feel like so much has happened since the last time I wrote to you all.  I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

I was trying to remember why I stopped blogging. It was right around Christmastime, last year. Blogging had become a chore. I didn't like that. I blogged mostly because I saw it as a way to document my life with my family and as an outlet for all of my thoughts. So, while on vacation I convinced myself to really try to relax, be with my family, and truly forget about all of my obligations.  I let go and well.....didn't really ever come back. Until now.

Why? Well...I feel like I have been through a lot the past year.  Some good. Some not so good.  I always want to share the good and happy things in my life. No question. The good is easy to share. The not so good, is a lot harder to share, but I feel that I am ready. A few of the things that I went through were hard for me.  I felt alone, and like I didn't have many people who would understand my situations.  This is one of the reasons I had such a strong urge to start blogging again. I want people who are in the midst of similar difficult experiences, to know that they are not alone. There are others faced with similar situations, and that it is hard.  Being a mom is hard.  It is tiring.  And it is ok to admit it.  Don't get me wrong, there are so many wonderful moments during this long and windy road, called Motherhood.  That is what makes getting through the hard stuff easier. I don't want to keep secrets anymore though.  I can't promise I will bear all, all the time, but I do feel like it is good for me to get some things off my chest.  If I can help a few people in the process, even better.

So, if you want to continue on my journey with me- pull up a seat, grab a snack, and a hot cup of tea.  I'm back for a few of the same reasons as when I started blogging. I still want to document life's big {and not so big} moments. I also still see it as a way to unleash all of my thoughts that swim around in my head all day.  But this time around, I will blog to be support for others. I hope that you can take away something from my stories. Not all of you will understand, but I ask you kindly not to judge.

Stay tuned for stories from the past year. Thanks for listening. Feels good to be back :)


Heidi B said...

Love you Jamee. We are all thinking of you and supporting you!

Jamee Sanders said...

Love you, too, Sis! <3