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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Family Tradition: 25 Days of Books

Yesterday was December 1st. What does that mean? The Christmas Season has finally commenced!!

 To kick off the start of Christmas in our house, we started one of first Christmas family traditions.  I know this will come as a surprise to all of you, but the other day I was browsing around on Pinterest, and found a gem! Another mom had wrapped up 25 books, and let her kids open one book a day.  You can find the original idea, here. What a wonderful idea!  This is perfect for us, because Preston LOVES books.  

So, I went to target, and got a combo of Christmas books and non christmas books. We already have quite a few Christmas books from my awesome sister, who sends me tons of hand me downs,  so I decided to mix it up. I also found a few in the dollar section...SCORE! Books can be expensive....especially when you are buying 25 at one time!! I then got busy wrapping them all up. 

 Last night he got to open the first book. 

Here is how it went down:
What am I supposed to do with this?


Mama....can you help me?

Never mind, I figured it out!

What is it?

Is it a book?

Yes! {smile}

This is awesome! 
Kinda looks like a car, too?

It IS a car!!

Dada, please help me open it.


My awesome Target-Dollar-Section find, that has brought lots of smiles to my sons face.

The first day was a success! He loved it. Everything, from the anticipation of getting the present open, to seeing the "cool" dump truck book that was underneath, made my heart smile. 

Can't wait to do it all again tonight! :)


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