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Friday, November 16, 2012

Miss C's Pancake & Pajamas Birthday Party...Continued

A few days ago, I posted Part One of Miss C's "Pancakes & Pajamas" 2nd Birthday Party. I promised you pictures of all the yummy & cute details.  Luckily, Miss C's Mama, Adria, is a wonderful photographer! She was sweet enough to quickly snap a few pictures of the big day for me. 

I may have made a few of the decorations, but Adria did a wonderful job decorating, and tying it all together.  

Some of my favorite special touches:
1. The Fruit Loop vase fillers
2. The cute cupcake sippy cups
3. The cozy bed slipper favors
4. All of the adorable kiddos running around in their PJ's.

Preston had his first taste of chocolate milk at Miss C's 2nd Birthday.  He was in HEAVEN!! I wish I had snapped a picture of his precious face as he gulped it down.  

For the straw flags click, here.

For the menu click, here.

What a wonderful day celebrating a sweet 2 year old. Happy Birthday, once again, Miss C!

I will close, with this precious pictures of Miss C. If this doesn't capture the wonder and anticipation that birthdays bring....I'm not sure what does. Sure does melt my heart! 

Happy Friday!

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erin hill said...

what kind of bottles did you use for the orange juice & chocolate milk? love them! can you email me? de_hills at yahoo.