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Friday, March 9, 2012

What's In My Diaper Bag?

I apologize for being MIA lately.  I am just getting over Bronchitis.  NOT FUN! Being sick when you have a little one to chase after is incredibly challenging. Just one more thing, no one told you about when you got preggo ;) But, we all survived. I feel a ton better, and neither my Hubby or Baby Boy got sick (so far). Yay! 

I was cleaning out my diaper bag this morning and figured I would share the things that I found.  Here is the List:

1. Container of Snacks 
My Sister & Mom got me this nifty little contraption for Christmas.  It is made by InnoBaby. It holds three different types of snacks (or formula).  It has been one of the biggest helps. I can't even tell you how many compliments I have gotten on it. Like it? Get yours, here.

2.  A bottle
 In case, Mr. I'm Grumpy When I'm Hungry, Preston gets hungry or fussy.

3.  A Plum Baby Squeeze Pouch of Fruit
A life saver if you are out in public, and your little one gets hungry.  Check out the flavors and varieties, here.

4. A sippy cup of water
 Preston loves, loves, loves water!! We introduced a sippy cup a few months ago, and he loves them! When he is teething, I put some ice in his water, and will drink almost the whole cup!

5. A Dr. Suess book
Preston loves books.  He loves to be read to, but he also likes to read by himself. He really enjoys sitting and flipping the pages of the book. He even makes little noises as he turns the cute!

6. Shoes  
These, specifically, are from Target. You can find them, here. This morning I went on a walk with my girlfriend Stacy, and Preston managed to kick off one shoe as we walked laps around the park. I noticed it too late, but a kind lady walking her dog, picked it up and gave it back to us.  At least someone was paying attention! ;)

7. Diapers, wipes, and a changing pad 
 I find that when Preston needs his diaper changed, it is a lot easier to grab, my Diapees & Wipees, pouch and head to the nearest changing table. It is much easier than digging through the whole diaper bag looking for each individual item. Check them out, here.

8. A brush
Yup, even a little 9 month old baby boy needs his hair brushed. 

9. One sock
The sock monster has struck again!! I can't even tell you how many socks I have, that don't have a mate!! So sad. Most of them eventually show up in the end, but it still drives me crazy!!

10. Hand Sanitizer
After just getting over bronchitis, I am obsessed with keeping sanitary. There are so many germs floating around right now, better to be safe than sorry!

11. Advil
In case, it's one of those days, or I have a pounding headache.

12. A plastic baggie full of random items
Disposable spoons, a venting system to a bottle (don't ask why...I have no clue!)

13. Formula Dispenser
Makes it super easy to make a bottle on the go. Just pour into your pre-measured water bottle, shake, and has a bottle...and all is right in their world.

14. Boogie Wipes
Since Preston has been teething, his nose has been icky, runny, & boogery.  These wipes have saline solution on them to help the boogies come out easy. I will take all the help I can get, since Preston HATES it when I touch his nose!

15. My old, faded, Coach wallet
I am really in need of a new wallet. It is so old. But, won't be able to buy anything with out it!

16. Toys
Annoying bells & teethers.  That is what is keeping Preston happy these days. Whatever keeps him busy, makes me happy. Hopefully, people around us don't mind ;)

17. A pen and an old Starbucks receipt
You never know when you are going to need a pen. I always have one in my bag for emergency use. And the receipt...the exact reason why I am cleaning out my bag ;)

18. A Paci
We are getting rid of this in a week, when Preston turns 9 months old.  UGH! It is going to be so hard. But out Pediatrician says it will be easier now than when he is one or two. Plus, it is bad for his incoming teeth.  I am sure you will be seeing a future blog post about this subject soon.

19. Hand & Face Wipes
Ever since Preston has started to eat food, these have come in handy.  When we are out to dinner or over at a friends house, these are so handy when it comes time to clean our messy boy up.  

There ya have it! If you are wondering if I use ALL of this stuff, the answer is yes. There have been days where I have pulled out each and every item shown here. Just one more glimpse into our crazy life. 

Happy Friday, Friends!

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