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Monday, March 12, 2012

Our {LAST TWO WEEKS} in pics

Since I was laid up sick in bed last week, I wasn't able to post any pics last week. Here is what we have been up to for the past few weeks:
We got concrete poured, for our patio, in our back yard.  Thank you Mel & Mike for the awesome gift! :) 
Preston enjoyed watching
Preston and Daddy with the cement truck
Poor Pebs was locked up during the pouring.

Finished product.  Now we just need to get some furniture on it so we can start enjoying it and the gorgeous Spring weather.

Our dinner one night. Honey Shrimp & Avo Salad. For the recipe, go here. 

Before we stopped baby food, Preston really enjoyed feeding himself. A few pics below about starting finger foods. 
He LOVES water & his sippy. 
Our little man has been on the move for about a months now...I realized I hadn't shared it yet. I love it that he can crawl now. He is so much happier! ;) 
His new favortie thing to it straight for the diaper caddy.... and pull everything out! He's even got that little smirk on his face, like he knows he just did something he wasn't supposed to!

My awesome husband cleaned our carpets last weekend. It is a big project to take on, but with Mr. P crawling everywhere these days, we decided we needed to do it.  Thanks, Babe! 
I was looking through my photos the other day, and realized that I have a lot of pictures of preston sleeping when he was younger, but none as of late. So, one morning, I snuck into his room while he was napping, and snapped with pic with my iPhone.  He looks so peaceful!
This past week, we started doing finger foods. Preston is SO over baby food. Every time I would try to feed him, he would wave his arms, and say, "nananana!" I have figured out that is his way of saying, "no!"  Plus he would grab for whatever I was eating. Soooo....this is a pic of his first finger foods (besides puffs & yogurt melts), banana!! He loves feeding himself! He feels like such a big boy. Some of his favorite foods are avocado, sweet potato, bananas, and crusty bread or bagels.  
Typical play session

My little monkey!
It was such a beautiful morning, this past Friday, so he enjoyed sitting by the door, enjoying the fresh air.

I snapped a series of pictures of his inch work move. 1st
3rd.  Look at that him!
One of his new favorite hobbies...walking holding on. This kid is ready to move! 
I just can't get enough of this of little goober!
I whipped up some pancakes Sunday morning....he devoured them! 
I know that there are a lot of pics in this post. Thanks for sticking with me and scrolling through them all! Hope all of you keep healthy.  Happy Monday!

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