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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things.  These are just a few things that I am loving right now.  
1. Moroccan Oil
My Sister (thanks, Robin!) got me some Moroccan Oil for Christmas, and I have been addicted ever since!! I just finished my first bottle...yup...a small bottle lasted me two months.  I just bought another bottle and am loving it. It makes my hair feel super soft, and since I have curly hair, it tames the frizz.  I highly recomend it! You can get your bottle, here.

2.  My Cropped LuluLemon Gather & Grow Crops
I have been doing a lot of walking with Preston outside lately, and these pants are perfect for the Spring like weather we have been having.   They are perfect because not only are they cute, but they keep me the right temperature...I don't get cold, but I don't get hot. They are also wonderful, "Mama Pants".  They are very conducive to our active lifestyle- chase after your little one, cook, and clean in these bad boys...they make it easy to maneuver. Check out them out here.

3.  White Jeans
One of my favorite fashion picks for spring and summer (another post on that later).  It has been feeling more and more like Spring here in Vegas, so I have decided to break them out a little earlier than normal this year.  They look great with the current nautical styles and bright fun colors out right now.
They are from the B.P Department at Nordies. Go here to get them.

4.  La Croix Sparkling Water
I love to drink water, and I know how important it is for you.  I also love diet soda, and know how not so good it is for you.  I get bored with just regular old water sometimes.  I love carbonation. La Croix Sparkling Water is an awesome alternative to diet soda, and you still get to enjoy the bubbly carbonation. They have no calories and no sugar, and are very refreshing. My favorite flavors are the Berry, Grapefruit and Lime.  They sell them at Target. Check out the flavors here.

5. My yellow and burlap,"Kate Spade knock off", Old Navy flats
I LOVE yellow (they also have the same style in blue).  It is so bright and happy. Great for spring and summer.  Have you seen these cute Kate Spade Flats?  Well, I found them at Old Navy (in store only) for $22!! Score! They bring a pop of color to a plain and everyday outfit.

6.  Big & Fun Stud Earings
These days, if I attempt to wear dangly earings, my son will attempt to rip them out of ear lobes.  I rather keep my ears pierced and not go through all of that pain.  My solution? Fun studs like the ones above.  I seem to find really great ones at Francesca's.  They are safe for wondering and curious little hands and they dress up and pull together any outfit.

7. Anything Chevron

I just bought some chevron dish towels & baskets at Target and some chevron bracelets at Nordstorm BP.  

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your time with you loved ones & this spring like weather! :)

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