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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun Day

We both love our Friday Fundays!
I love it when Friday rolls around...I am off on Fridays...which means more time with my baby boy.

Here is a Typical Friday Fun Day:
6:00am-6:30am: Preston wakes me up with his precious babbling. He has his morning bottle and then head to Starbucks to get coffee for Daddy.
7:00am: We arrive home and wake Daddy up with coffee and hugs. We all snuggle in bed and enjoy each others company.
7:30am: We head downstairs. Preston plays while we get breakfast going, feed the animals, make lunch, etc.
8:00am: Daddy typically leaves around this time.  Preston and I play and have fun together. We do tummy time (we are currently working on is imminent), play with all of his fun toys, read books, laugh & giggle.  It is so much fun to have one-on-one time, as well as his undivided attention. I look forward to this so much.
8:30-8:45am: Preston eats breakfast.
9:00am: Finally change Preston out of his PJ's and he has a bottle, we read a few more books and then he goes down for his morning nap.
10:30-11am: Preston typically wakes up & we head out to go to lunch with friends, play dates, shopping...whatever is on the Friday Fun Day Agenda.
1:30-2:00pm: We arrive home and Preston goes down for his afternoon nap. ( He eats lunch in between all of this). This is the time where Mama gets all of her house chores done. If I am lucky I get a moment to sneak on to Facebook or guilty pleasures ;)
3-4pm: Preston wakes up.  We sometimes go for a walk or run around this time or we wait for Daddy to get home and we go to an early family dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  We try to go out to dinner once a week as a family. I love this tradition and think it is good for Preston to learn how to sit at the table and eventually learn good table manners.
6:00pm: We usually get home around this time.  We get Preston into the bath (he LOVES his bath time), get his PJ's on, read him stories, give him his bedtime bottle, and then he goes "ni-nights".
7:00pm: Daddy & Mama sit down and usually enjoy a glass of wine together, while our sweet boy sleeps.
He lights up my life

Being silly ;)
I love Fridays...not much more to say than that!

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