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Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

{10 Things You Didn't know About Me}

1.  I have two Sisters that are 12 and 11 years older than me. 
Needless to say, when my mom found out that she was pregnant with her third child at the age of 37, she was shocked. I was an oops, or a surprise, as I like to call it :) Heidi and Robin are my older Sister's.  Growing up as the youngest,  I looked up to my Sisters so much.  I wanted to be just like them.  They didn't always find this so cute, though, especially when they were stuck babysitting me ;)  At times, it felt like I had three Mom's, three different opinions and three sets of expectations.  Nowadays, though, since we have more in common {married, kids} we have become friends. I love my big sisters so much, and am thankful for our friendship and love.

2.  I am EXTREMELY (did I say extremely?)  afraid of heights.
 Growing up in Hawaii, I went on many outdoor adventures. My friends and I would hike a lot, and they all loved jumping off of waterfalls, cliffs, bridges, you name it. If it was high off the ground, they loved it!!  I, on the other hand was deathly affraid. I would hike up with them, but turn around and hike all the way back down, just so I didn't have to jump off. I hate the feeling I get in my stomach when I jump and free fall in the air.  My stomach goes into my throat, and it is so uncomfortable! Therefore, when I am up high somewhere, and feel as though I could fall, I get super scared. As a part of my 8th grade, "right of passage", I had to jump off a high pole that was a part of a ropes course.  Not only did I have to climb up a VERY high pole, I had to balance on the very narrow top. Both of my feet barely fit!!! My legs were shaking, and I couldn't look fear I might pass out.  I finally jumped, after crying and shaking for about 10 minutes. I screamed all the way down!

3. When I was 9, I witnessed & experienced the most powerful hurricane to hit Hawaii, in recorded history
On September 11th, 1992 Hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai.  I was 9. We lived in Kekaha, a sugar town on the west of the island.  I remember my Dad telling me a hurricane was coming, and we were going to his office, because if the winds got too strong we could go down into his vault.  It really scared me because I had never been through any type of natural disaster.  At one point, I remember looking out of the window, only to see a huge blue two ton dumpster bouncing across the street like a paper cup.  I saw palm trees split in half and fall to the ground.  It was then that I learned how strong of a force mother nature really was.  We learned later that it was a category 4 hurricane and had winds of 145 mph.  I remember seeing the road that went through town literally in chunks. We were without water for three weeks and electricity for three months. 

4.  I ran Collegiate Cross Country
Growing up I took up playing Volleyball when I was in 4th grade. I played until I was a senior in High School. My senior year, I got recruited to run Cross Country.  I thought that was the craziest idea I had ever heard. I was leery of the idea, but thought it was worth a shot. I didn't want to give up completely on volleyball, since I had invested so much of myself into it, but the idea of trying something new excited me.  For about a month, I went to cross country practice at 6:00am and Volleyball practice at 4pm.  After running a few races, and deciding that I enjoyed it, I ended my 8 year love affair with Volleyball.  I decided I liked Cross Country so much, that I ended up running in College. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never been physically challenged so much in my life.  I still enjoy running, but in much shorter distances ;)

5.  When I was in the 5th grade, I won $1000 from a McDonald's Monopoly Game
The Summer of my 5th Grade year, my parents and I went on a road trip across the US.  It was always my Dad's dream to travel across the United States, and see the beautiful sights of our country.  Along with playing endless games of I Spy and The License Plate Game, we would stop every now and again at McDonald's for Lunch. (Yes, I know....gross...but when you drive 800 miles in a day, sometimes it was the easiest and only option). I can't even remember what state we were in, but I remember peeling my sticker off, and seeing, "INSTANT WINNER:  $1000". I was in total shock! All I could do was tap my mom on the shoulder, and say, "MOM!! LOOK!!"  My Mom and Dad didn't think it was real! They went up to talk to the manager, and sure enough, it was! Being the responsible people my parents are, they didn't let me spend it how whatever I wanted. They made me invest it into a mutual fund.  It is still there to this day.

6. I had 53 students in my high school graduating class
I went to a small private high school, Seabury Hall, located on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui. It was a small ,"cheers" kind of campus, everybody knew your name.  Everyone knew everything about you, it was very hard to blend in, or keep secrets.  Sometimes I had only 8 students in a class.  It was a great school, and because of the small class sizes, you got great one on one time in the classroom. I had a very unique high school experience and got a great education.

7. I won the Religion and Philosophy Award my senior year of high school
Since I went to a small school, they did an awards ceremony for each senior class. There were about 15 awards given out to seniors. Majority of them were department head awards.  I happened to receive the Religion and Philosophy award.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books we read and the assignments that  were given.  I could completely relate to the topics that we studied. I also had a great teacher who taught me so much and helped me love what I was studying.

8. I hate to drive
I try to avoid driving at all costs. Obviously, when I am by myself, I drive if I need to go somewhere. If Jake is with me, he drives, ALWAYS.  I'm not exactly sure why I hate driving.  I just really do.

9.  I am REALLY bad at math
Ever since I started school I remember being bad at math.  Because of this, I HATE math.  It has never made sense to me.  I am not a formula person.  I hate that there is only one answer.  When I was in high school, I don't think I ever got above a C in math.  I had to go in for extra help, after school, so I could pass the tests.  It was horrible.  I do not miss math class. Give me a paper, I will gladly write it, and write it well. But NEVER ask me to take a math test ;)

10. I heart organization
Organization makes me happy.  I love it. I get very flustered when something is disorganized.  I can't think.  I like things in my home a certain way. Jake, my husband, can tell you all about it.  When we first moved in together, I think I may have driven him nuts.  I have my spices on Lazy Susan's- organized by baking, commonly used, and speciality spices. My closet is organized by color.  I have a toy basket in my car for Preston's toys, so they don' clutter up my backseat.  I have a tray on my vanity in my bathroom, that has all of my toiletries and cosmetics I use daily, so they don't clutter up my counter and medicine cabinet.  It just makes me feel like I have it together.

Hopefully, you learned at least one thing about me today.

Happy Friday, Friends :)


Andy and Kelley said...

I love you!! I didn't know all this about you!! :) Loved it and love you!

Jamee Sanders said...

Thanks Cousin!! Love you, too!! Glad you learned something about me :)