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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Week In Pictures

This week we had so much fun with friends, Pebbles (our Yorkie puppy), baths & dinnertime.  Check it out!
 Getting some love from Ms. Pebbles
 Preston is noticing Pebbles more and loves her!
 My two babies playing

We have started to practice sitting up. He loves this perspective, but hasn't mastered the art of balance yet.
We are also practicing holding our own bottle...he's doing great!

Dinner & Bath are a part of our nightly routine:
 Testing out the carrots....
Decided he likes them!
 Yum Yum!!
 He absolutely LOVES his bath. Is it just me, or is he beautiful?
He enjoys sucking on a washcloth...he could do this for hours!
Picture by the tree!
We went over to Calia's house for a play date. Isn't she just the cutest?
Calia loves Preston so much! She wanted to give him a hug :)
 My friend Stacy and I took Preston & his bud Carter shopping at Town Square.  They were such good boys. During lunch Carter & Preston got to hang out. Carter is such a little lover, he loves giving hugs and kisses :)
 Yes, it is true....Chicks do dig him. As you can tell from the above picture, Calia thinks he very special ;) I love this face he makes...such a silly little bug.
Ready to go out to dinner with the Skabelund's!! Stud Muffin!
At dinner w/ Carter & Stacy.  They sure saw a lot of us this week! Hope they enjoyed it as much as we did! 

It was a great week. We look forward to another fun filled adventure this upcoming week. We wish you a happy Monday tomorrow! 


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Carter Files said...

We LOVED getting to spend time with you guys!