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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Pregnancy Journal

While Pregnant I kept a detailed journal of the whole 9 month adventure.  I also took a picture almost every week (well not in the beginning when I was nauseous and feeling green).

Instead of using the generic journal that is a bit of boring, I decided to make my own.

See Below....

While composing this blog, I'm not going to lie, a few tears came to my eye.  My pregnancy was by no means text book, and was quite stressful at times, but in the end we have the best gift we could ever receive.  Are our lives are different now, of course, but we wouldn't change one minute of it. We love Preston so much it is inexplicable.  I thank God everyday for this beautiful little miracle.

I hope you enjoyed reliving my pregnancy with me.  I plan on making my pictures into a book. I hope that one day Preston and I will be able to sit down and look through it.

Thanks for your time everyone.  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed and appreciated.




jake sanders said...

Looking back on it makes me realize even more what an adventure we had for those 39.5 weeks. Nthe ups and the down were completely worth. If we had to go through it again to have a happy and health baby, I would. Easier said when I'm not going through it.

I love you!

Andy and Kelley said...

I LOVE THIS!! Not sure if the pictures and words or your sweet hubby's comments that brought my tears to my eyes!! Love you guys!!